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Gregory Taousson Architects is a Lebanon-based design firm specializing in architecture, urban planning and strategic problem-solving capable of addressing the increasing complexity of our built environment.

GTA has collaborated on a wide range of diverse projects in the United States, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon—winning numerous international competitions for research facilities, offices, industrial buildings, and social housing renovations.


Our aim is to deliver the most creative solutions possible; ones which balance conceptual design with functionality and building technology.


The architectural profession acknowledges several key elements in a well-considered design process: the notions of architectural program (design brief), context (both natural and man-made), economic feasibility, and ecological responsibility. However at GTA, we believe that the practice of architecture goes beyond these issues (in the same way that the relationship of a building to the city extends beyond itself). A full understanding of each party in the process—from the client to consultants, contractors and construction workers—is necessary to craft a design solution whereby ethics, aesthetics, and technology unite to drive the details of each project.

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